8 Kratom Powder Questions You Should Know The Answers

8 Kratom Powder Questions You Should Know The Answers

Today, we believe that every Kratom user should know at least a little about the plant he uses. It is also necessary to improve the awareness of the entire Kratom community. For you, we have prepared answers to the most important questions about Kratom powder, to which you should know the answers.

Question 1 – How is Kratom powder produced?

Most often, Kratom users use Kratom in powder form, and many are wondering what it is. The plant Kratom, which grows in a tropical climate, comes from the countries of Southeast Asia. Kratom belongs to the family of coffee, which is why the properties of plants are very similar. Huge Kratom plantations are grown in regions such as Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, and Borneo. After careful selection and sorting, the leaves are processed, dried and ground into powder Kratom.

Question 2 – Is Kratom legal in my area?

In some regions of the world Kratom from time to time trying to ban. To fight for the legalization of the plant, Kratom was created by the American Kratom Association, which at the state level monitors all changes in the legal status of Kratom, it collects, organizes and disseminates this information. You can find a list of countries where Kratom is not legal for purchase on the website of the American Association.

Question 3 – What is the shelf life of Kratom?

With proper storage, Kratom can be suitable for up to six months. Make sure you store Kratom in a dry, dark and well-ventilated area. If so, then Kratom will stay fresh and last much longer. Kratom users also store it in hermetically sealed bags.

Question 4 – What are the potential effects of Kratom?

There are many types of Kratom and all their effects depend on the individual characteristics of a person, the purpose and other factors. Each person can find their desired effect. Thus, each user must use the method of trial and error to find the best that suits him.

Here are the most popular ones:

  • Red Maeng Da
  • Green Bali
  • White Malay
  • Golden Bali

Question 5 – Does Kratom need laboratory tests?

Our company carries out tests on all new deliveries of Kratom products in its laboratories to guarantee the safety of consumers. We recycle poor quality Kratom products just because they have not passed the test. And it costs more than a thousand dollars a year. Spreading safe Kratom products is our main goal.

Question 6 – What are Kratom’s trunk and vein used for?

Kratom powder is obtained only from the dried leaves of the plant while preserving the unique alkaloid composition. At the same time, the stem and veins of the leaves of Kratom also have a unique alkaloid composition, but it is slightly different. The texture of the stem makes it difficult to quickly digest the powder, therefore, it remains in the body for a longer period of time. Some users are used to mixing the stem of Kratom with leaves to control the duration of the effects.

Question 7 – Why do some people react negatively to Kratom?

Kratom has a slight anesthetic effect, so there are opinions that after using Kratom, the same effects appear as when taking drugs and opioids, because of which they also carry the risk of dependence. However, scientific evidence supporting this statement does not exist.

Question 8 – What are my actions for Kratom to become legal?

If you want to help the community legalize Kratom, you can do the following.

We advise you to use Resistbot on Facebook or on your mobile phone to connect with local authorities.

You can tell them how Kratom has helped you over the years. You can use different channels of communication and call your representative a couple of times to express your point of view.

Share all the information you read about Kratom with your friends and neighbors. Ignorance is the main problem.

If you have any questions about Kratom that you want to know the answers to, you can always contact us for clarification at any time.