Best Kratom: how to use, how to take kratom

Best Kratom: how to use, how to take kratom

Kratom, or, in scientific language, Mitragyna speciosa is an amazing deciduous tree growing in the tropics. Its leaves boast a high content of alkaloids, often used in medicine to relieve pain.

Traditional ways to use Kratom

Southeast Asia is a storehouse of useful and interesting plants. Ethnobotany never ceases to amaze the world with new and new discoveries, and Kratom confirms this. How is it customary to use this plant in “native” regions for it?

The traditional use of kratom in Thailand is rooted back in time. The historical use of plants and today never ceases to amaze the modern world. So, Kratom used hard working peasants, laborers,like as a substitute for opium, thus overcoming all the trials of his difficult life.

It so happened, very often Kratom is associated with Thailand, but it’s worth remembering that it also found its use among the peoples of Malaysia. Buy it is very simple – look at any roadside shop. Traditionally, Malays buy a special drink – air ketum. That’s not all: Kratom leaves are mixed with dried coconut, ginger, nutmeg, wrapped in wild pepper leaves and chewed – tasty, healthy and unusual.

It does not matter in which country and under what circumstances Kratom is traditionally used, the main thing to strive – for is the health benefits. Toning effect, deworming, improving blood circulation, improving tone, suppressing cough and diabetes symptoms – all recipes are available, legal, and most importantly – repeatedly tested. Why not follow the traditions of the ancient Malays?

Unconventional applications

Everyone around used to take Kratom in dried form. Each individual portion is washed down with water, juice, or brewed in the form of tea. After boiling the leaves, you can get the extract, which is stored for a sufficient amount of time and used in diluted form at its discretion.

Few people know, but from the Kratom extract you can roll up small balls, lightly roll them in flour and smoke or brew like a drink. By the way, about tea – there is no limit to perfection! Try to combine Kratom tea with herbal or fruit teas, using honey, sugar, coconut milk.

Options for use in different diseases

First of all, Kratom is widely used in folk medicine for the normalization of conditions such as pain, fresh wounds, diarrhea, helminthiasis of varying degrees of neglect. Some use kratom leaves in cooking. Moreover, this plant is used in any form: fresh leaves, dried leaves, powder, lotions, poultices. The effect, of course, is individual.

And now, let’s move on to the most important thing – the sedative-euphoric effect. This is exactly the desired effect that many strive for! Observing the correct dosage, you can notice absolutely incredible things behind you: the sensitivity to physical and mental pain is noticeably reduced, the state is confident, dreamy. You are drawn to music, art, and tranquility. This is the state of the 19th century romantic writers! The effect usually lasts about six hours. The main thing – do not overdo it!