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Kratom as a natural panacea for pain

The sale of kratom in the United States is not prohibited in many states; millions of people in the country can easily buy kratom at gas stations, supermarkets, and tobacco shops. According to USA Today, many people addicted to opioids claim that kratom replaces heroin and medicinal opioids for them and provides a chance to […]
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South Asian Kratom

We’re not sure if most of our readers have heard of a plant called kratom, native to Southeast Asia. The plant gave the name to a relatively new, but already very popular in the United States substance with the same name. The opinion of experts regarding kratom is divided: some consider it a new dangerous […]
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5 popular misconceptions about Kratom

When its started talking about kratom in the media, it was often described in a negative way and it was associated with other substances to which it had nothing to do. At that time, Kratom was not well-known in the West, and some misunderstandings arose on this basis. Often journalists equate kratom with opiates, talk […]
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Kratom and coffee

Kratom is an evergreen tree that grows in Asia, particularly in Indonesia and Thailand. There is the most of the raw materials of this tree, that are imported to Europe, the USA and other countries. Today, kratom can be legally bought in many countries of the world, and in some it is also used as […]
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Entheogens – what is it?

Even in ancient times, people were looking for ways to become stronger, more resilient, more efficient, or vice versa – to be able to relax, overcome pain … Through trial and error, mankind has tried everything, or almost everything, and substances have been found that were later combined under one common name – entheogens. What […]
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Is Kratom an opioid crisis tamer?

In recent years, a drug called Kratom has gained significant popularity among Americans, according to In fact, these are the leaves of the evergreen tree Mitragyna speciosa, which grows in several countries of South Asia. The extract of this representative of the flora is used as an immunostimulant and sedative. In addition, some studies […]
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How does the method of using the Kratom plant affect its properties?

Today we will talk about the fairly common use of Kratom, its scope has been expanding in recent years. For example, some people use it as a stimulant for visualization. Kratom is brewed like tea, in an amount of 10 to 20 grams it creates a special refinement in the perception of the environment and […]
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The history and uses of Kratom

The unusual properties of the Kratom plant have long been known and are actively used in the regions of its origin, Kratom is also common in other countries of the world. In Asia, fresh leaves are usually chewed by hardworkers for additional energy. In other places, dried leaves are often brewed as tea or extracted […]
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The uses of Kratom in the USA

Most of the kratom consumed by Americans comes from Indonesia. Since 1994, for the sale of nutritional supplements to the Americans, it is only necessary to prove that new products or ingredients are safe enough. After that, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) conducts a 75-day inspection, much less stringent than for drug manufacturers. And […]
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Peaceful Kratom

The Americans have found a substitute for heroin. Even children are treated with it. The real war with opioid drugs is going on in the USA: while the authorities are looking for a way to stop the avalanche of deaths from overdoses, Indonesia found this way to help by supplying the Americans with a herbal […]
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