Features of Kratom tree growing and care

Features of Kratom tree growing and care

Have you ever thought to comprehend the art of growing Kratom tree? If so, then this article is for you, because in it we will analyze where and how to create the most suitable conditions for its cultivation.

In Latin, the name of the tree Kratom sounds like Mitragyna Speciosa, it belongs to the Mitragin family of the Marenov family (Rubiaceae).

The planting of these trees mainly thrives in Southeast Asia, especially in Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand. They bloom in these warm areas with constantly humid air and a huge amount of precipitation a year.

Also one of the main conditions for successful germination of the tree is the presence of soil rich in nitrogen. When deciding to plant Kratom home or at home, you must consider many factors for successful germination of seeds.

If you nevertheless decided to start growing Kratom, and also if difficulties and expenses do not frighten you, then first of all, we advise you to be patient and read our article to the end.

So, let’s look at the initial stage of growing a Kratom tree from seed.

The initial task is to find fresh seeds on the market. The shelf life of Kratom seeds is the first 3-5 hours and, if properly stored, is the maximum of the first few (from one to three) days after harvesting from the parent tree.

Thus, if they are not immediately sprouted, then they lose all their properties and deteriorate. As you already understood, dried Kratom seeds do not germinate.

I draw your attention to the fact that some dishonest suppliers can take advantage of your inexperience in this matter and sell you a stale shift, so be careful.

If you have already purchased and verified the quality of seeds, sow as many of them as possible, because few of them will sprout. Wait for the plant to germinate and the seedling will become a little woody. Find a supplier with a quality product, look for fresh seeds, even if their price will be more expensive.

After the seeds have sprouted, you need to provide them with a moist environment without the scorching rays of the sun, to fertilize the soil. The soil should not be completely filled with water, but also should not be too dry.

This tree needs a sufficient amount of sunlight, but the seedlings at first need to be kept in the shade, for this it is best to make a canopy.

You can add a blower fan, because a weak warm wind will contribute to the development of alkaloids in the leaves of this plant.

The soil must be periodically fertilized, and it must be composed of nitrogen and other necessary nutrients.

Also one of the main success factors is the time of year for disembarking Kratom.

Below we present to your attention some principles of growing a Kratom plant from seed:

  • To grow one Kratom tree you need at least 6-12 seeds.
  • Kratom can be bred on an industrial scale and it is absolutely not prohibited.
  • When growing this tree, you can use the method of hydroponics, since Kratom prefers high humidity.
  • Hydroponically Kratom trees reach up to 3 m in height, so we advise you to use special greenhouses.
  • Trees of this type do not need lighting around the clock. We advise you to keep a bit away from the rays of light when placing a Kratom plant.

The beneficial substance Mitraginin for which Kratom is grown is contained in the leaves of the plant. Thus, it is not necessary to wait for the flowering of the tree to get this important component.
To protect yourself from buying powder from the ground leaves of Kratom or extracts with the substance Mitragynine, engage in your own production of the plant, using all of the above tips.

When you have your own source of such a valuable substance as Mitraginin, you can not worry about the quality of the goods, because you will be sure that this is not a fake, but a real Kratom.