Healing properties of Kratom: painkillers, antidepressant, rehabilitation, relief, sedative

Healing properties of Kratom: painkillers, antidepressant, rehabilitation, relief, sedative

Important factors:

  1. Mass – the greater the weight, the higher the dosage of kratom to achieve the desired effect;
  2. Age – over the years, people more acutely feel the anesthetic and tonic effects of kratom, as their bodies become “disciplined”, so a different amount of active substance is needed for the onset of relaxation;
  3. Personal predisposition – there are a dozen more factors that determine your sensitivity to the set of alkaloids contained in the kratom.

Only these indicators make a difference between the effects.

Medicinal properties

Since the beginning of the 18th century, Thai and Malaysian doctors have used kratom in their practice, there are documentary evidence of this, and reports from some European organizations.

Application features:

Sedatives – a calming effect, significantly reducing anxiety and tension. It is also shown to patients for whom standard sleeping pills are contraindicated;

Painkillers – the analgesic effect that saves people with arthritis and arthrosis can be attributed to the specific effect of kratom. This method of pain relief is safe, provided that no other drugs are used simultaneously with the kratom that suppress the respiratory and nerve centers;

Antidepressants – this effect was discovered by psychologists working with patients suffering from protracted depression. When used, 5-7 grams of kratom improves mood; It should also be noted that kratom increases concentration, attention, and perseverance, while maintaining overall tone. In other words, you can say that you become much more “sober.”

Respiratory properties – even if it sounds unusual, but it is this way: by removing pain, the active substances decrease the sensitivity of the receptors responsible for the contraction of the intercostal muscles and cough. Therefore, kratom relieve cough symptoms, but do not cure – it is important to remember;

Rehabilitation of people suffering from alcohol and drug addiction – facilitates withdrawal syndrome by acting on opioid receptors, which helps to overcome the desire to constantly use drugs and alcohol.

Relief from tobacco addiction.

Such effects are obtained from Kratom from a medical point of view