How does the method of using the Kratom plant affect its properties?


Today we will talk about the fairly common use of Kratom, its scope has been expanding in recent years. For example, some people use it as a stimulant for visualization. Kratom is brewed like tea, in an amount of 10 to 20 grams it creates a special refinement in the perception of the environment and a dreamy state. At the same time, this effect is observed: instead of the usual sound, the music becomes unusual, in which many, previously unnoticed details are clarified. If you surrender to the will of thoughts, then they quickly turn into dreams. At the same time, no intoxication is observed and what is happening around is quite adequately acknowledged, although the stream of thoughts itself becomes rather chaotic.

We consider the frequent uses and effects that are achieved after the use of Kratom. The effects of Kratom are completely dependent on the method of application and its dosage.

Fresh Kratom is taken by chewing leaves after removing all the large veins of the leaf. Dry leaves are also consumed, but only after grinding them into powder. The very use of leaves in food is traditionally accompanied by drinking liquid, water or coffee.

The indigenous people also prepare a decoction from Kratom: the leaves are boiled for a long time in water, the excess liquid is evaporated and the remaining precipitate is used. This method allows you to save properties for a long time for later use. The balls from this paste, which can be maked with sugar and honey, are formed and consumed whole or brewed in the form of tea.

Tea is prepared from dried or fresh leaves, which are poured with water and boiled over low heat for some time, then the water is changed and this is repeated 2-3 times. Some Kratom users consume it with black or green tea. For taste, you can add honey or sugar.

The peculiarity of this unusual plant is that a small dose usually acts as a stimulant, and a large dose as a relaxant. And this is obvious, because active alkaloids have a stimulating and relaxing effect.

Stimulator actions (5-8 gr):

Increased physical and sometimes sexual energy. There is a great ability to do uninteresting, monotonous physical work. A person is more talkative, sociable, and friendly. In terms of stimulation, the mind is more attentive.

Sedative, sedative, analgesic effect (8-15 gr):

The first signs of action make themselves felt after 10 minutes, the effect is felt in the pleasant waves running through the body. After 30 – 45 minutes, this effect is significantly increased. There is euphoria and the body feels great. Any pain sensations lose value. Some have slight itching or perspiration, sometimes nausea is possible. In full force, the action lasts about 2 hours, and then quite pleasant post-effects for another 2 hours. In addition, Kratom may occasionally cause inability to focus vision.

Kratom excites opioid deltas and mu receptors, but in addition it gives signs that are very uncharacteristic for opiates: it changes vision, makes colors brighter, causes light hallucinations, a sense of unity with nature, euphoria. This plant encourages the mind and body to work and study, gives a feeling of complete well-being and peace.

As for the dangers of using Kratom, health problems are unlikely here, if, of course, not get carried away with the daily use of Kratom. In Thailand, people who use this plant every day experience weight loss, rather dark facial pigmentation.

You can talk about Kratom, its history, unusual action and features endlessly, but words will not give you that incredible sensation and magnificent state that you can feel on yourself. This is a very interesting experience, especially for people looking for themselves, something new, experimenting in various fields, spiritually growing, experimenting. Kratom is a unique plant that promotes natural relaxation, the rapprochement of man with nature, the discovery of his true being.

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