How to choose a powder dosage Maeng Da Kratom?

How to choose a powder dosage Maeng Da Kratom?

Kratom Maeng Da is the strongest of all the species that exist in the world, as you know, grow it in Thailand. This variety of kratom has strong stimulating properties, in which you instantly receive a charge of energy.

Maeng Da – is one of the most popular grades of kratom, due to its properties and effect. But to obtain the desired effect – you need to take the correct dosage.

No need to take a very weak kratom dosage

According to medical diagnostics, the minimum dose of Kratom Maeng Da is 1.5 grams, if you apply less than 1.5 grams at a time, this type of powder will not be effective.

Therefore, to obtain a charge of energy and joy – you need to use this variety from 1.5 grams. If you have previously taken other varieties of kratom (for example: Red Bali or Borneo) then you can safely start taking this variety from 2 or 2.5 grams. This is due to the fact that your body has become accustomed to becoming unresponsive to the action of the substance.

Overdose and other features

Higher than 10 grams of Maeng Da – is considered a very large dosage. When taking a large dose, or an overdose of kratom, side effects may occur.

Side effects include:

1) Migraine

2) Vomiting

3) Sweating

4) Body shake

5) Sense of horror and dizziness

If you experience an overdose effect – drink 2 glasses of water and perform breathing exercises, and you will return to normal.

For today, not a single death from Kratom Maeng Da has been registered, nor is it written about dependence on this plant.

Kratom Maeng Da Dosage

Before taking kratom, you need to decide which of the goals you accept it:

1) drug target (2.5 to 4 grams)

2) euphoric target (3 to 4 grams)

Remember, you can not often increase the dosage of kratom, it is desirable to do this, not more often than once for 3 days, and 0.5 grams.

If you use Kratom for chronic pain or other illnesses, it is advisable to take it on toshchak.

Regarding the methods of receiving kratom, types of food additives and cooking options, you can read on our resource.

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