How to measure and take the dose of kratom? Where Buy Kratom in USA?

How to measure and take the dose of kratom? Where Buy Kratom in USA?

Today there are many options for how to take kratom. There are both easy ways and not so, as well as some people translate Kratom and do not get the desired effect.

We just say, just mixing it with water is a bad idea! Since the powder does not dissolve, but only collect lumps on the surface of the water, thus you will not get any effect from the use.

A good and effective effect is to take kratom capsules, but this takes a very long time to prepare the capsules. How to prepare capsules, and why it is not advisable to buy capsules in pharmacies and shops, we described in the previous article.

This article is an introductory one, on how to measure the dosage of kratom and how to use it.

Non-correct methods for measuring the dose of Kratom:

1) Use the spoon that you have on hand – in this way you can not always get a stable, the same dose.

2) Throwing kratom powder “by eye” into a cup or plate – this situation is similar to the first one and is not very good to use.

How to measure the dosage correctly and get the most desired effect:

1) Using a measuring scale or spoon – is the best, and over the years proven method.

2) Digital, accurate scales – this is also a good variant, which will give you the correct dose data.

Dosing for receiving powder Kratom


After properly measured dosage of therapeutic powder, you will get the desired effect. With very small doses up to (2 grams), people do not feel nothing, so start taking about 2.5 – 3 grams of powder. It is not recommended to take more than 5 grams at a time, as side effects may occur.

The most popular powder using methods are:

The most common way is to put the dosage of kratom in your mouth and drink it with warm water, or orange juice. From this method – you get a 100% fast and high-quality effect.

Also brew kratom leaves and make tea. How to make tea and the effectiveness of tea reception was written in the previous article!

The best result is the reception of kratom on tooshchak! If you have just eaten, it is recommended to wait about 2 hours and take kratom. After taking the healing substance, you can eat after 30 minutes, so that you can fully feel the effect from Kratom.

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