How to use kratom – dosage, effect, features to raise the tone

How to use kratom – dosage, effect, features to raise the tone

Usually kratom is used for:

  1. Increase the overall tone in daily activities (physical and mental);
  2. Physical training;
  3. Overcome depression;
  4. As an analgesic for chronic diseases and hard work;
  5. To facilitate the exit from the drug (especially opiates) and alcohol dependence.

Dosage and features of kratom to raise the tone

To stimulate physical and mental activity, it is often recommended to use from 2 to 5 g (from half a tea to a teaspoon with a slide) Kratom in one step. In addition, so that the effect of stimulation does not disappear with time, Kratom should be consumed no more than once a day, and no more than 2-3 times a week.

Green grades of kratom are better suited for raising the tone.

Kratom use for pain relief:

One of the most popular qualities of a kratom is the removal of pain in chronic diseases and on time / after heavy physical labor and training. Kratom, in some cases, is an excellent natural replacement for synthetic analgesics, which is constantly being proven in practice. In this case, you should start taking Kratom with a dosage of 6 g and gradually bring it to 10-15 g, if necessary. In some cases, you may need to take large doses of kratom.

For the analgesic effect most often buy red varieties of kratom

Sedative sedative effect of kratom

Taking at a time 10 or more grams of kratom we can expect a pronounced relaxing effect. Great for a relaxing evening at home, listening to music, “rebooting” after a hard day.

Dosage of kratom to relieve post narcotic syndrome.

Kratom has shown itself to be a natural alternative to chemicals that help survive the withdrawal syndrome (especially opiates) and even alcohol dependence. Kratom, of course, doesn’t have such a strong effect as a method, but for a well-intentioned person, this is a good substitute for synthetics.

In this case, the dosage may be from 15 to 50 grams of crushed leaves of kratom per reception, 2 to 4 times a day during the first three days. On the fourth and later days, you need to reduce the dose, watching the well-being …

The information presented in the article was submitted for guidance purposes, based on the experience of our customers. And we emphasize once again – in each specific case, it is necessary to individually select the dosage of kratom, starting from a smaller one, until reaching the expected effect.