Is Kratom enemy or friend?


Kratom is a natural product made from a plant from Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia or Papua New Guinea. The leaves of this plant have long been used as a medicine and anesthetic. The leaves of this tree are chewed, ground into powder, or brewed like tea. Today it is pressed into tablets or even smoked like cigars.

Simultaneously, two studies on the effects of Kratom on the human body are now being carried out and funded by the US government. The main task of researchers is to determine why the Kratom plant has been used for centuries without any harmful effects on the human body in Asia, while in Western countries there are risks of Kratom addiction.

The Kratom plant has different effects on the body in different dosages. Small doses stimulate the body and add energy; large doses contribute to relaxation and drowsiness.

The plant is legal at the US federal level, although the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) is considering putting Kratom on the controlled drug list.

The plant acts as a powerful pain reliever, it is often used to combat opioid addiction, as a sleeping pill, for anxiety, depression, increased anxiety, diabetes.

Defending Kratom

Carried Kratom users formed the American Kratom Association in 2014 to protect Kratom-based products. Members of the association are confident that their opponents are in collusion with pharmaceutical corporations that do not like the idea of ​​giving official drug status to kratom drugs. They also demand that members of the government stop trying to criminalize the substance, positioning it as a harmless alternative to opioids and an effective method of dealing with chronic pain. Several members of the association and other initiative groups have already created several petitions in support of Kratom products.

The only chance of side effects of Kratom occurs when people mix it with alcohol or other drugs.

We are confident that most people who routinely use kratom to treat anxiety, withdrawal from opiates, or improve mood will continue to do so, regardless of FDA claims about illegal marketing or even safety concerns.

In addition, it must be remembered that with regular multiple intake and a constant increase in the dosage of Kratom, some addiction may occur.

What about Europe?

Slowly but surely kratom got from across the ocean and to Europe. It is not a problem to buy supplements based on kratom on the world wide web, a search gives out about a dozen sites that sell and deliver kratom without any problems. After all, trade in this product is not regulated in any way and no one undertakes to predict the consequences of the spread of the substance.

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