Kratom and coffee


Kratom is an evergreen tree that grows in Asia, particularly in Indonesia and Thailand. There is the most of the raw materials of this tree, that are imported to Europe, the USA and other countries. Today, kratom can be legally bought in many countries of the world, and in some it is also used as a medicine. The main active ingredient of kratom is mitraginin.

The concentration of this substance varies in the different kind of plants, so when you use one or another, the effect will be different. In addition, some varieties have a stimulating effect, while others, on the contrary, have a sedative effect. Today Kratom is represented on the market in three varieties – white, red and green. Kratom leaves are consumed as a chewable mixture, brewed as tea, and also taken orally.

Some people drink kratom instead of coffee, or drink kratom brewed with caffeinated drinks. But how safe is it?

The use of kratom and coffee

Using Kratom with coffee is not recommended, since regular use of kratom can be addictive, while the main advantage of the drug is precisely that, unlike various drugs, it is considered safe in this regard.

Drinking brewed plant leaves and coffee at the same time is not recommended. The fact is that coffee, unlike kratom, has an exclusively stimulating effect and, if at the same time you use a strong decoction of the plant, which has a relaxing effect, and caffeine, the result can be unpredictable.

However, if a plant in one form or another is used as a stimulant, then taking it with coffee is also dangerous. Kratom itself has a pronounced stimulating effect and does not need to enhance its effect with caffeine. In view of this, the simultaneous use of kratom leaves and coffee can be hazardous to health.

Kratom and alcohol

Drinking kratom with alcohol is also not recommended. Despite the fact that the substances in the leaves, unlike opiates, do not affect the neural pathways, but act on mu receptors, nevertheless, scientists came to the conclusion that the effect of the simultaneous use of alcohol and kratom may be negative.

Thus, it is better to use one thing during the day, otherwise the consequences can be unpredictable. If a person consumed kratom during the day, then it is worth at least 24 hours to refrain from drinking alcohol. However, in Thailand, kratom is used as an additive to sake. Local residents thus struggle with skin diseases – herpes, eczema, etc.

Basic rules for the use of kratom

To avoid side effects and undesirable consequences, kratom should be used correctly.

– Do not use simultaneously with alcohol and stimulants, in particular with coffee. If the product is used for the purpose of relaxation, to combat insomnia, then you should not get behind the wheel after eating and start dangerous work that requires a high concentration of attention.

– Kratom should be taken in moderate doses (up to 10 g per day), otherwise there may be a dependence similar to caffeine.

– You need to purchase raw materials only from trusted suppliers.

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