Kratom as a natural panacea for pain


The sale of kratom in the United States is not prohibited in many states; millions of people in the country can easily buy kratom at gas stations, supermarkets, and tobacco shops.

According to USA Today, many people addicted to opioids claim that kratom replaces heroin and medicinal opioids for them and provides a chance to wean themselves from taking hard drugs.

“I hear stories like this all the time,” Dustin Perry of the Baptist’s Lakeview Center told USA Today. – I do not presume to say that these are all fables. Perhaps kratom really helped someone get off the needle. ”

However, in 2017, the FDA cited 44 deaths associated with kratom consumption. However, it was noted that in 43 cases the deceased took kratom with other drugs.

Crystal Henry, owner of Florida’s Store “Psychedelic Shack”, points out in USA Today that the kratom capsules sold in the United States are made from plants and based on a recipe used by Southeast Asians for centuries.

“We wouldn’t sell a product if it was dangerous,” she says. – Yes, there is information that kratom causes addiction, there have been cases of overdose. But the victims themselves do not say whether they have used kratom with other substances … Our store purchases kratom from trusted suppliers, the substance is 100% organic. ”

According to Psychedelic Shack employee Gabriel Thompson, 10 years ago he began to look for an alternative to opioid drugs, which he had to take for back pain. “Kratom helped me. I have been using it for 8 years now – no side effects. ”

Thompson is not alone. reports:

“As the authors of the study note, several factors forced patients suffering from chronic pain to seek alternatives to traditional methods. One such factor is the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines on opioid prescribing that urge physicians to limit opioid prescribing for the long term. This approach, experts recognized, negatively affected the well-being of patients who were denied access to opioid prescriptions.

Unofficial reports received by Inverse indicate that some patients who have experienced side effects of conventional opioids have also switched to kratom.

In a new study, published in the International Journal of Drug Policy, experts have come to a conflicting conclusion about the pain-relieving properties of kratom. The substance has not been approved for this use in accordance with accepted medical procedures.

“However, observations of US kratom users are consistent with case reports and descriptions of traditional uses of the plant in Southeast Asia, suggesting that kratom may indeed replace the more dangerous classical opioids for pain relief, and should be studied in well-controlled clinical trials,” the authors of the article write.

These are such different opinions about the substance, which some consider a natural panacea for pain, others – a dangerous drug. Who is right? There is no definite answer to this question yet.

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