Kratom beginners guide

Kratom beginners guide

The first use of Kratom is especially interesting for people who have practically no experience with psychotropic substances. In this article we would like to prepare you for the first consumption and give you information for responsible consumption.


For your first consumption, we recommend you a day or evening when you are free from obligations and work. The effect can last several hours and can only end in a dream, depending on the dose. So you need time! The next day, there may be a hangover, very similar to alcohol. You should also consider this.

If you want, you can invite a friend or another person you know. This will help to remove fear, and then you can share your feelings. Joint experience can lead to very interesting discussions.

Take Kratom on an empty stomach. In order to feel the effects of Kratom in full force, you must take Kratom on an empty stomach. Otherwise, the active ingredients are very late in the blood circulation, and the effect is barely noticeable or imperceptible. In addition, the likelihood that you will feel worse increases.


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  1. Determine the exact balance we recommend as follows:

We need scales. Kratom is measured in grams. Even a fraction of a gram can cause a noticeably different effect. Overdose is dangerous and can be felt as nausea or hangover the next day.

  1. Select the form of consumption and collect all that you need.

If you do not want to take Kratom in capsules, we recommend tea with Kratom. To do this, you basically need only tea bags (we recommend mint) and a sweetener (honey or stevia).

  1. Weigh one dose. You should note the following points:

Start with a small amount (1.5-2.5 g). The effective dose may vary widely from person to person and cannot be assessed by body weight or the like. In addition, Kratom has a paradoxical spectrum of activity. At low dosages, it has an activating and euphoric effect, and at higher doses – a sedative and relaxing effect.