Kratom Capsules: advantages of kratom capsules

Kratom Capsules: advantages of kratom capsules

If you want to try a kratom for the first time, buy it in the form of capsules. The advantage is that they are easy to take, do not need to be prepared, and they are also sold in stores and pharmacies, as usual supplements.

Kratom capsules are also suitable for people who do not like the taste of kratom, they also do not like to drink tea from kratom, who prefer a quick effect with minimal time and effort.

But you must be prepared that the cost of the drug in the form of capsules is much higher than in the form of leaves or powder.

Kratom in the form of capsules has both advantages and disadvantages, in this article we will tell you about them.

Advantages in the form of capsules:

1) Ease of use of capsules

Compared to powder or kratom leaf, capsules are very quick and easy to apply. You just need to drink the capsule with water, and after a while you will feel the effect as well as from the powder.

2) Speed in use

You do not need to cook kratom, mix it with additives for better taste, all you need is to take a pill and relax.

You can make the capsules yourself, to save money, all you need is to buy powder in bulk and fill it with purchased gelatin capsules (or mix Kratom with gelatin, which is very cheap, and make the capsules manually – then leave them for a while ), thus you will spend significantly less money than buying capsules in a store.

3) Effect of taking

The good news is that you don’t feel the difference between capsules and powder. The effect of the reception is the same, so you can safely buy or make capsules yourself, the aftermath is the same as in the leaves or the powder.

Cons kratom capsules:

1) Active ingredient.

When buying capsules in a store, you do not know what else is added to these capsules. There may be a mixture of herbs or some other food supplement that may force you to use more dosage to get the desired effect.

2) Side Effects

Due to the fact that various additives are added to the capsules to the kratom, which are not written about in the composition, you may have allergies or other side effects.


3) Bloating after taking capsules

After ingestion, some people wrote about a possible bloating or even constipation, due to the significant dosage of kratom in the capsule and also a large amount of gelatin, which, during chemical reactions in the human stomach (water absorption, gastric juice) – may expand.

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