Kratom dosage: how to take Kratom, buy Kratom in the United States

Kratom dosage: how to take Kratom, buy Kratom in the United States

Kratom – one of the best means of traditional medicine! Natural substance that will help you in any case, but for greater effect, for better efficiency, you need to correctly use the leaves of kratom. For this, you must use the correct dosage. But first, let’s talk about why people use Kratom:

Kratom (Latin Mitragyna speciosa) is a large tree growing in Southeast Asia, which was first described by the Dutch botanist Peter Cortals.

The chelating properties of kratom have long been recognized in the region of its growth, and have now become widely known in other parts of the world.


1) Some people chew whole fresh leaves – for effective stimulation, as well as for relax the body after a hard working day! But not everyone prefers to feel the bitter hue of fresh kratom.

2) Tea brewed from Kratom leaves – provide you with alkaloids. Some people prefer to water the leaves with hot water, add peppermint oil, lemon juice or honey to taste. Due to this, the bitterness of a kratom, is reduced to zero.

3) If you can use Kratom leaf powder, olive oil is added to it – to reduce the bitter taste.

4) Another way to get kratom: put the powder in your mouth and razpivat sour or sweet drink. But you do not need to apply a lot of powder to avoid choking or coughing.

5) Buy kratom in the form of capsules and simplify its reception on the principle of a standard tablet. Inside the gelatin capsule is all the same natural, active powder Kratom.


Acceptance of any drug should be started with a small dose in order to feel the full effect and not to overdo it with the dosage. First take two or three grams for the first time. About the dose and its definition – let’s talk below:

1) Take Kratom on an empty stomach for 2-3 grams.

2) If the effect does not appear after half an hour, take another 1-2 grams.

3) Still no effect !? Then another 0.5 grams of powder – but this almost does not happen, almost always you will feel the effect, not adding grams the first time. Although it all depends on the human body.

This dosage lasts for 5 hours. The next day or every other day – repeat the procedure with the same grams.

After consuming the powder, drink the liquid so as not to feel thirst. Some of the varieties of Kratom act differently, some give effect and manifest themselves immediately, others after half an hour. So do not immediately try to use a huge dose, all you need is just to wait. It is also recommended to keep a diary in which you will indicate the amount of kratom used, in order to observe the dynamics, rather than rapidly and rapidly increasing the dose.

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