Kratom – effects, methods of use, dosages and dangerous mixes


All over the world, kratom has recently gained wide popularity, especially among young people.

It is usually used by cancer patients to relieve pain. It is also widely used to combat opioid dependence, given the content of opioid agonists in the composition.

Kratom is a tree of the madder family, which is widely found in Southeast Asia. Local peoples have long used psychoactive leaves for relaxation and treatment of diseases.

Ideally, the leaves should be chewed fresh. Although an option is possible with smoking, chewing dry leaves, using various decoctions for cooking.

In medicine

The Institute of Thai Traditional Medicine has confirmed the effectiveness of kratom in combating dependence on drugs containing opioids and morphine. It has also been suggested that mitragynine contained in the composition is able to successfully resist the development of depression.

Pilot projects have already taken place in New Zealand on the use of kratom to combat methadone addiction. For a month and a half, the patient smoked dry leaves of the plant and argued that a natural stimulant allows you to get rid of negative side effects when using drugs.

Kratom was widely used in traditional medicine in Asia. It was mainly used to improve tone, blood circulation, to treat cough, deworming, diarrhea and as a natural alternative to opium, given the high cost of the latter.


It differs depending on the amount of the substance. Small doses of kratom manifest themselves as a stimulant – it gives a person additional physical energy, increases sociability, friendliness, and improves personal concentration.

In case of exceeding the average dosage of the substance (from 10 g), a sedative-analgesic effect is noted. Including a person tends to sleep, a slight euphoria is formed, the appearance of light hallucinations is possible, with a violation of color perception. Many people compare this effect with tramadol.

The effect of the use of kratom lasts about 5-6 hours. The first effects are felt already 40 minutes after oral administration (the most common use).


The dosage varies according to the amount of substance consumed. Kratom is generally categorized by vendors into three main quality categories:

  • Extract.
  • Ultra-powerful.
  • Premium.

Premium – oral use:

  • Threshold entry: 2-4 gr.
  • Easy: 3-5
  • Average: 4-10
  • Max .: 12-25

Ultra- powerful – Oral Directions:

  • Threshold: 1-3 gr.
  • Average: 3-7.
  • Strong: 6-10.
  • Max: 8-16.

Extract – oral use:

  • Threshold: 1 gr.
  • Easy: 1-2.
  • Average: 2-4.
  • Strong: 3-6.
  • Max: 5-8.

The common reception options


You can simply chew dry or fresh leaves, getting rid of the central vein on them – since it turns out to be unnecessarily tough. Sometimes the leaves are washed down with hot tea or coffee, seized with salt.


For such a preparation, dry or fresh leaves have to be boiled for a long time in a small volume of water until maximum evaporation. As a result of such boiling, a viscous substance is formed, from which we sculpt balls and chew. Or you can use them to brew a kind of tea (in this case, kratom retains its properties for a long time).

Dangerous consequences

The consequence of frequent use is a sharp weight loss, the appearance of dark spots on the face, depression, a decrease in sexual desire. It is safe to use kratom without developing addiction no more than once a week.

The potentially dangerous combinations

The combination of the substance with other stimulants should be abandoned, given the risks of increased blood pressure. Refrain from using in conjunction with benzodiazepines, alcohol and opiates, given the excessive sedation and health risks.

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