Kratom for leisure: relaxation, cheerfulness, euphoria in our life

Kratom for leisure: relaxation, cheerfulness, euphoria in our life

Kratom for leisure

  1. Relaxation – steamed kratom and relaxing. Feeling the warm waves of bliss that carry the body, wants to lie down, listen to relaxing music, or take a nap. It is better to use red kratom, counting on 4-8 grams per person;
  2. Cheerfulness – now vice versa, we take less kratom (1-3 grams), but of white or green variety. Suitable in situations where you need to prepare for exams, perform a robot that requires concentration and attention, use it in a sports training session or “recharge” after a sleepless night, it is also an excellent coffee substitute;
  3. Euphoria is a very interesting property that is not accessible to everyone: 8-15 grams of kratom evoke joy, a feeling of lightness of the body and a desire to smile. It is noteworthy that the constant achievement of such a state is impossible – the time of breaks of at least 3 weeks!

Try it yourself, and make sure that the effect is really unusual and is always different from the previous one. In addition, each variety has its own “notes” and some differences from the other variety, depending on the type (red, white, green, yellow) and the variety itself (Maeng Da, Kapuas, Bentuangie). Also, we can recommend both the use of a specific variety and experiments with a combination of green, red, white varieties, find your cooking methods and rest assured that this holiday will be remembered.

Remember that it is not recommended to use kratom daily! Otherwise, the beneficial effects that kratom gives are minimized and disappear, the amount of brewed tea increases. Also, on none of the domestic sites, you will not find information translated from English sources and personally tested by the authors of the site that, in order to maintain a fresh perception of the kratom, it is recommended to alternate the types and varieties of kratom. Firstly, each type has its own characteristics, and secondly, each variety gives its own mood and its differences in the prevailing effects. It is believed that white and green varieties are energy, red – relaxants. Although in each of the types there are two components. Green varieties are considered to be more versatile, with balanced effects. Also, yellow varieties manifest themselves, a small amount of which will charge you with life-affirming energy, and a medium and large portion of tea leaves will give the necessary relaxation and relaxation, which are relevant in the evening, after the working day. Each variety, due to the unique composition of alkaloids, has its own distinctive features. Some varieties give relaxation and relaxation, others focus and charge of energy. At the same time, in varying degrees, depending on the variety, analgesic properties of kratom can be expressed. It helps Kratom to cope with arthritis pain, pain in the legs and back. Traumatic pains. Also, Kratom, due to the combination of its composition of vitamins, alkaloids and properties, facilitates the course of viral and respiratory diseases.

When brewing kratom tea, one should remember about individual perception, start acquaintance with the minimum amount of tea leaves, thus selecting the optimal portion for one’s needs .. Attentive and conscious attitude will give you the opportunity to get maximum benefit and pleasant sensations. With anxiety, panic attacks, it is possible to use a short-term course, in small portions, with interruptions in use, up to several or more days.