Kratom is the native power of nature. How to take kratom? What helps Kratom?

Kratom is the native power of nature. How to take kratom? What helps Kratom?

About Kratom

Kratom is the native power of nature.
Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa) is a rather large tree-like plant from the southeastern part of Asia, which
belongs to the Rubiaceae family (it was first described by the Dutch researcher Korthals). This species is
credited in the botanical field to such plants as Corynanthe, Uncaria, Cinchona and is similar to them in
biochemical terms. Kratom belongs to the same family as the Coffee Tree.

The unusual properties of Kratom have long been recognized in its home region, and today they are
gaining considerable popularity in other countries of the world. In Southeast Asia, workers to achieve a
stimulating effect and minimize the feeling of fatigue usually chew fresh leaves. In other places, the
dried leaves are usually brewed as a tea.

The use of kratom as tea has its own characteristics. The state in which the person stays after such tea
drinking is quite interesting. You become less sensitive to physical pain (an analgesic effect is
manifested), you feel calm and peaceful. They also note that the ability to sense music more subtly
improves, and in this state new ideas are born, a desire to create something new appears.

Kratom has a very interesting story, which will be useful to read. The traditional and regular use of
Kratom in Thailand began quite a long time ago, and it is impossible to say specifically about its
beginning. The very first reference to Kratom was in Western literature and belonged to Low, he wrote
in 1836 that it was used by Malays to get rid of opium addiction.

It is worth more to dwell on the use of kratom in medicine. It has a high potential for use in terms of a
cheaper and safer alternative to classical replacement therapy: it alleviates the withdrawal syndrome
from morphine-like opiates. There is more recent information proving that mitragynine has been used in
New Zealand to treat methadone addiction. According to this information, a person drank Kratom every
time he felt the symptoms of withdrawal; the optimal treatment period was 6 weeks.

As a medicine, Malaysian healers use kratom for deworming, eliminating cough, improving blood
circulation, improving tone and with symptoms of diabetes. It is also used for other ailments, such as an
enlarged spleen. Kratom has an analgesic effect and promotes rapid healing of wounds, it is used as a
good remedy for fever and diarrhea.

The use of Kratom:

  • as replacement therapy for quitting alcohol, tobacco and drugs;
  • analgesic (analgesic) effect;
  • decrease in the level of anxiety and excitement after experiencing psychotrauma;
  • relaxation of smooth muscles;
  • increased metabolism (metabolism);
  • control blood sugar levels;
  • antioxidant protection of the body;
  • increased activity and overall energy potential;
  • natural immunostimulant – increase the protective functions of the body;
  • antiviral, antibacterial protection;
  • treatment of sexual dysfunctions, increased libido in men and women;
  • antiparasitic protection of the body;
  • beneficial effect on the liver and gallbladder, choleretic.

Kratom is best to take a course of 10 days for 1-2 teaspoon 1-3 times a day.