Kratom leaves: hangovers, side effects, doses of kratom powder

Kratom leaves: hangovers, side effects, doses of kratom powder

Many who have experienced a hangover in their lives! And what about kratom, is there a hangover after kratom? This article is exploratory in nature, based on the stories of people taking this drug product.

What is suspecting a hangover?

When we hear the word “hangover”, we immediately represent the morning after a grand party, where you took a lot of alcohol or maybe even sorted out with alcohol.

But as we know, a hangover exists after each substance that your body takes, but it manifests itself in different ways.

A hangover is a post-intoxication state due to alcohol abuse, accompanied by unpleasant psychological and physiological effects, such as headache, irritability, dry mouth, sweating, nausea.

However, the hangover from the use of kratom is completely different from alcoholic! It will not dry out your mouth, or your head will not hurt – you just feel tired, lethargic or nauseous.

In order to avoid a hangover – do not abuse kratom. Eat Kratom only when necessary, so as not to cause addictive body.

As stated by users, kratom can cause a hangover only when using a large dose. Accordingly, if you have selected the optimal dose of kratom for your body, you will not experience a hangover. You can read about the dose of kratom and methods of its reception in our blog on the site.

Hangover after using Kratom:

You will not feel a big hangover after kratom, as it does not contain harmful additives, like alcohol or narcotic substances.

Kratom does not cause any chemical reactions in the body, and does not create irritation to the gastric mucosa.

The leaves of the kratom do not dehydrate the body, so you will not drink receive water.

The only thing you can feel is body lethargy, slight nausea or tiredness. You can also sleep poorly, that is, wake up at night several times.

But kratom hangover can be quickly neutralized.

How to improve health, after the kratom hangover

The only case where you can really feel a hangover after kratom is after taking a large dose for your body.

In order to get rid of this effect – do not perform any active physical actions, you need to relax and restore the body. It is also worth removing the remnants of kratom from the body – for this, drink a few glasses of plain water.

How to avoid a hangover:

1) Do not take kratom more than once a day.

2) An hour or two after taking Kratom – eat a high-calorie meal.

3) Do not use Kratom on training days.

4) Accept a lot of water, so that the body removes the remnants of kratom.

5) Take kratom before bedtime or planned rest.

6) Do not take large doses of kratom.

When you follow these recommendations, your body will always be in shape, and you will not feel any side effects the next day. The main thing is to take a responsible approach to the process of receiving leaves of kratom.

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