Kratom strains and where to find them


The tropical climate of Southeast Asia creates all the conditions for the abundance and fertility of Kratom trees. This plant still occupies an important place in the culture and society of Southeast Asia, because many centuries-old traditions are associated with it.

Kratom has many species (or strains) that are distinguished by their unique effect on the human body. It is worth noting that the unique properties of different species of Kratom differ depending on the location of the plantation from which the leaves were collected. In the beginning, the variety of species of Kratom is impressive and staggering to beginners, but after a number of attempts you will find “your” way of Kratom.

We hope that the information in this article will help you find the right powder for your needs.

Kratom types offered by our Certified Kratom store

Thai Kratom

Kratom powder originally from Thailand is extremely popular among users from all over the world, especially Maeng Da stands out. Sometimes, due to Thailand’s restrictive policies regarding the cultivation and use of Kratom, supplies of this species come from neighboring Indonesia.

The warm and humid air of Thailand creates ideal conditions for the prosperity of Kratom. However, in 1943, the Thai government issued a decree banning the cultivation of kratom trees throughout the country. Then in Thailand, the plant was classified as narcotic, which further reduced the level of powder performance. As a result, Indonesia is the largest exporter of Kratom now.

Today, Maeng Da is sought after relaxing and stimulating respectively.

Borneo Kratom

The sea island of Kalimantan (aka Borneo) is distinguished by its picturesque flora and unique fauna. Most of the island is covered by a rainforest with a variety of plants, one of which is the kratom tree.

Kalimantan is the only island politically divided between three countries (Indonesia, Malaysia and Brunei), it is on the territories of the first two that hundreds of Kratom plantations grow. In the 21st century, the island’s industry is mainly focused on oil and gas, but Kratom from the island of Kalimantan, aka Borneo Kratom, managed to maintain its value as a commodity.

After Maeng Da, Borneo was recognized as the most popular Kratom species. Borneo, in turn, happens with green veins on the leaves (Green Borneo) and brown (Brown Borneo), which are distinguished by their bright and invigorating aroma.

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