Kratom tea: flavors, additives, how to make tea

Kratom tea: flavors, additives, how to make tea

We have already written a lot, that the most popular method of Kratom is tea from Kratom, as it is quick and easy to prepare, and retains all the healing properties.

Also in Tea, you can add various additives to improve the taste, if you do not really like the sour taste of the healing substance.

Many people who like herbal or green hours will love the taste of kratom, who love black tea, for this people we will tell you how to diversify the taste of kratom. Let’s talk about how we can make the taste of tea more vivid and attractive.

How to improve the taste of tea with Kratom.

1) Stir tea with sugar

You might think that it is very simple and easy, but some people think that when using sugar, the useful properties of kratom are lost.

But It is not so, sugar in this case acts as a flavoring agent, and its chemical properties do not bear the threat of kratom alkaloids, so you can safely mix tea with sugar and taste and not be afraid for the effect.

2) Adding flavors

In order for tea to be pleasant to your taste, you can add any flavors with the help of which the smell and taste of tea will be more attractive. And you can take it yourself and serve it to your guests for a soothing and stimulating effect. Any aromatisers (such as lavender oil or gibiksusa) should be added during brewing.

3) Juices and fruit supplements

Another way to improve the smell and taste of tea with kratom is to size it with juices. The most suitable supplement is orange juice. It emphasizes the taste and at the same time, does not kill the healing properties of the kratom. But you can also use: apple, pineapple, cherry and other juices. Everything depends on which juice you like best.

4) Citric juice

The greater the likelihood that you drink tea with lemon at home, or at least when and then you drank tea with lemon. Likewise, Kratom, you can safely add lemon to tea. As in the usual form, and in the form of juice. You can also use lime – it, like a lemon, blends well with kratom. If you take tea with lime or lemon – it is more useful from a medical point of view than without this fruit. This reduces the acidity of the water in which the tea is brewed, which allows water to absorb more alkaloids from the plant Kratom.

With this use of kratom leaves, you will forget about chronic pain, anxiety, as well as depression.You will gaining strength and motivation for productive work.