Kratom tea recipe, how to save kratom healing properties

Kratom tea recipe, how to save kratom healing properties

Many people love to drink tea in the morning, afternoon, evening. With the help of tea, we calm down, relax, gain strength and energy. Every tea is tasty and healthy.

In Asia, since ancient times, tea is brewed from the leaves of Kratom. Since this plant is used for medicinal purposes for many years.

In this article we will examine the most popular ways of making tea from kratom leaves, and also tell you what to do to make tea tasty and healthy after preparation.

If you judge what form kratom is most often used in, it is tea. This method is the most common and preserves the healing properties of leaves in full. It is also very simple to prepare.

When drinking tea brewed from Kratom leaves, the effect is much higher than when taking capsules or powder.

How to make tea:

To preserve all the beneficial properties of the kratom and also to guarantee good taste, we suggest you use the following recipe.

You need to boil water with half a liter of water. Then place kratom on its leaves and boil on low heat for 15-20 minutes, depending on the desired intensity. After that, the leaves need to filter, and drink the remaining water as tea. You can add sugar or honey to your tea to taste.

Remember, the darker the tea with Kratom leaves, the more intense the flavor.


With quick brewing of kratom (within 2-5 minutes), you will not get a result, and you will feel a bitter taste, which will complicate its use.

Sedation is more significant and noticeable when drinking tea, and not when drinking powder or capsules.

But with all these minor flaws, tea from the leaves of Kratom remains the most popular option for receiving Kratom. Also keep in mind that tea retains all the healing means of the plant.