Kratom varieties – which one to choose (White, Red, Green)

Kratom varieties – which one to choose (White, Red, Green)

To get the desired effect in the first place you should pay attention to the three main types of kratom:

  1. White
  2. Red
  3. Green

Each of them is distinguished by its impact – stimulating, analgesic and relaxing and other effects …

For example, white varieties of kratom often have pronounced stimulating, life-affirming properties – there is a surge of energy, inspiration, a desire to do something, create, live … With moderate use of kratom White varieties, the effect is not very strong, which makes it possible to use the drug in everyday life with virtually no limit to activities. It is also recommended for replacement therapy, as an alternative to synthetic drugs and as an antidepressant.

Kratom red varieties are rather an anesthetic, calming and relaxing effect from the application and are an excellent alternative to analgesics of chemical origin in severe diseases (eg, oncology), chronic pain (in osteochondrosis, for example) and for daily reduction of pain during and after sports training, hard physical work … Often used to facilitate the exit from the post alcohol and drug syndromes.

Kratom green varieties is a pronounced stimulating effect! Excellent for hanging out in a company, physical activity, stimulates mental activity … The effect of individual consumption and depends on the dose, usually 5-10 grams, and the method of brewing.

All varieties of kratom presented in our store Certified Kratom are grown on organic farms and are supplied in small fresh batches to maintain a consistently maximum effect when applied.