Kratom what is it?

what is kratom

In the modern world, almost every day new discoveries occur. The reality is becoming diverse and multivariate, so you will not surprise anyone with super innovative gadgets and new food products.

Although they are not always new at the same time, people just need time to understand the importance and usefulness of certain natural components. So, for example, it turned out with kratom, which was known in Southeast Asia for a long time, but only recently became popular in other parts of the world

Now let’s take a closer look at what Kratom is and what need to drink / eat with it.

The distribution area of ​​kratom is not very wide and includes only the tropical region of Southeast Asia, where the plant naturally grows in Thailand and Mailisia, in Indonesia it is found on the islands of Kalimantan and Sumatra, in the Philippines – Luzon, Mindanao, Mindoro, also known as kratom in Papua New Guinea.

Why is Kratom so remarkable? Why is it grown and what are its uses?

Kratom is often used as ethnic tea, as it has extremely valuable unique properties. It is considered a popular drink that has a long history of use by various peoples of Asia as a means to increase working capacity and overall body tone, in addition, it has a wide range of applications in traditional medicine.

Not so long ago, Kratom successfully spread to our country, where admirers of ethnic teas appreciated the rich possibilities of the product. In order to get to know the essence of kratom better, we offer below a short interview with the creator of the portal of ethnic tea from around the world

– Hello, how did you get to know Kratom and how did you come up with the idea of ​​its implementation?

– Hi, I will be glad to answer any interesting questions about getting to know Kratom. I first tried kratom tea myself in 2002, at that time it was an unknown drink from Indonesia, and it was unpleasant in taste. But it is very interesting in sensations. No other tea that I tried earlier, caused such a rich palette of sensations as Kratom. I was fascinated by the history of this plant, I learned more about the traditions of its use in Asia and then I wanted to introduce as many people as possible to Kratom around the world.

– In the world, the reaction to Kratom is far from unambiguous. What is your personal attitude to this product and its possible benefits or harmful effects on the body?

– Yes, now extensive research on Kratom will be introduced all over the world. For example, many reputable research institutes in the USA and Malaysia have confirmed the fact that Kratom is not a drug and is not addictive. I also consider it an absolutely normal product along with black tea and coffee. There have never been any facts of any fatal consequences from taking kratom in my practice or among my friends. Although, of course, people rarely accept with confidence anything new. And Kratom must go through the same stages of acceptance by society, like many other products before it.

– How is it best for a person unfamiliar with kratom to get acquainted with this product for the first time? Maybe there are some basic recommendations and tips with what type of kratom is best to start?

– Since each organism is individual, I cannot give an exact algorithm for the correct acquaintance with kratom. I can only give a few important basic recommendations that should be followed regardless of the type of kratom. First of all, it is the correct proportion of kratom and water. On a standard cup (250 ml), it is enough to put one third of a teaspoon of the product. It is also recommended to add a slice of lemon to bring down the bitterness of kratom. Optionally, honey can also be added. Sugar is not recommended. If we touch on the types of kratom, it is important to remember that each of them has its own special effects. If you plan to start with white kratom, then expect more stimulating action – it is good to take it during the day. He is also an excellent antidepressant. If the gaze fell on the green kratom, then it has both activating and relaxing properties. Red Kratom is the mildest and most sedative – it is best used in the evening to relax after heavy loads or just at the end of the working day.

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