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There are dozens of varieties of Kratom in the world, so finding the right one for yourself is not an easy task. Most people try the kind of Kratom that their friends advise and consume on their own. This is because people are afraid to discover something new, they are afraid to make mistakes. If you do not try, how to find something worthwhile?

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What determines this diversity of Kratom species?

To begin, let us look at the meaning of the word “strain”. The term “strain” for Kratom is determined by the color of the veins on the leaves (along with the properties that consumers receive), the country of origin, and the form of the product in which it is made – capsules, powder. This allows you to determine the characteristics and effectiveness of the product.

The properties of Mitragyna speciosa are similar to coffee. Germinating in a tropical climate, the leaves of the tree produce active alkaloid compounds of mitraginin and 7-hydroxymitraginine in their composition.

Kratom sprouts in countries such as Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam. The difference in the country of origin suggests a slightly different chemical composition with different levels of active compounds.

Depending on the degree of ripening, the stems and veins of Kratom leaves change color from white to green, then to brown. This color change depends on the ripening time of the leaves and on the ratio of mitraginin and 7-hydroxymitraginine. In the leaves of brown color, a higher concentration of 7-hydroxymitraginine than mitraginine, this changes the properties of the leaves from invigorating to relaxing.

It is also worth remembering the form of release of Kratom, which will be convenient for you. Dried leaves, pulverized into a weightless powder, or capsules with powder sealed in them.

Our regular customers, who know our products and are confident in their quality, give us feedback and according to their reviews, we form a rating of the most popular varieties. Thus, we were able to identify our favorite:

Maeng Da is the plant from which the product is made with a higher concentration of alkaloid compounds, which make the effects of Kratom brighter. This product is ideal for you if you want to raise your mood and potency.

Quality Certified Kratom

Our products are certified and stored in accordance with all standards, so immediately from the moment you open the bag you can feel the delicate aroma of dried leaves. A succulent and ripe leaves thoroughly dried, processed and ground to obtain Kratom. Free prompt delivery around the world will help you get fresh and best-quality Kratom strains.

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