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The Americans have found a substitute for heroin. Even children are treated with it.

The real war with opioid drugs is going on in the USA: while the authorities are looking for a way to stop the avalanche of deaths from overdoses, Indonesia found this way to help by supplying the Americans with a herbal analgesic – Kratom.

The herbal supplement Kratom brings millions of addicted Americans the long-awaited relief. It may save the United States from a wave of drug-related deaths, but they are preparing to do outlaw it.

In 2017, U.S. President Donald Trump declared a health emergency in the country due to the unprecedented scale of the drug addiction epidemic. It was reported that in 2016 more than 63 thousand Americans died from an overdose, over 40 thousand deaths were associated with opioids, and in just a year the number of victims doubled. It turns out that every day more than 150 people die from an overdose – more than from gunshot wounds and road accidents. The culprits are often doctors who distribute prescriptions for powerful painkillers irresponsibly. This is exactly what becomes for many the first step to addiction.

To get rid of “dependence”, someone decides to use marijuana: it is used against chronic pain and muscle cramps. However, the marijuana is still not available in all states, even for medical purposes, to say nothing of its legalization just for fun. Cannabis is now “recreationally licensed” in just nine states: Alaska, Washington, Vermont, Colorado, Massachusetts, Maine, Nevada, Oregon, California, and the US capital. At the federal level, it is still illegal, so you can’t even bring it from state to state. And here, almost legal kratom comes to the rescue of citizens.

“For the first time, nothing hurt me. I was able to ride in a car, and I did not need to lean forward. I was able to clean the house, pick up the granddaughter. For the first time in my life I wanted to live, ”said Ronda Tim, 47 years old, who was suffered a serious back injury in an accident.

Ronda underwent three dozen operations, she was prescribed so many different opioids that they were addictive, and the pain did not go away. Because of the rods in the spine, she could not laugh or cough normally. She prayed for death, tried to mix drugs with heroin, her medical card says: “Trying to get drugs.” Kratom, she tried on the advice of a friend as a last resort, and eventually ceased to depend on opioids. There are thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of such stories in the United States: from 3 to 5 million kratom consumers in the country.

The leaves of Kratom, or Mitragyna speciosa, a tree from the tropical regions of Southeast Asia, have been used in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and neighboring countries for hundreds of years. Local farmers believe that their chewing improves mood and energizes: the effect is generally similar to the invigorating effect of caffeine. In higher doses, it can cause euphoria. Kratom is called a natural alternative to artificial analgesics: it helps to cope with chronic pain and the consequences of withdrawal syndrome, that is, to abandon opioids and even heroin without any problems.

Dry leaves can be brewed as tea. Powder is also popular, which is simply mixed with water or some kind of smoothie, and also taken in capsules. Usually, the action of kratom appears within an hour and lasts two to four hours. The rarest method of consumption is smoking, in which case the effect is manifested worst of all.

Over the past decade, Kratom has spread to the United States. Unlike the highly regulated addictive and addictive drug sales business, it is freely available in 44 states. It can be ordered in a few clicks online or purchased at a smoking accessories store. There is a “herbal supplement” in private supermarkets. It is not only easy to get it, it is also quite cheap: 30 grams cost about $ 15, and this volume is enough for at least 20 receptions.

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