Kratom Capsules (Green Borneo) – 500mg (120 Capsules)

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Kratom Capsules (Green Borneo) – 500mg (120 Capsules) is considered to be so common, popular and widely spread owing to its action – it smoothly affects the body even when it is used in small doses. Green Borneo kratom capsules is the most suitable option for the beginning kratom users who would like to learn the effects of this plant.

Green Borneo Kratom Capsules

Borneo or Kalimantan Island is located in South-East Asia and is considered the third largest island in the world with the area of 743,000 square kilometers. The island is covered with the jungle, with a mountain ridge in the middle. Borneo is split between three countries – Indonesia in the South, and Malaysia and Brunei in the North. Kalimantan is the Indonesian name of the island, while Malaysians prefer to call it Borneo, and the latter is the name known to the world. The Island is surrounded by the warm seas – South China Sea, Sulawesi Sea, Sulu Sea, Java Sea, as well as Karimata and Makassar Straits, and located in equatorial climate zone, which means it’s inhabited by unique animals and plants, such as Kratom or Mitragyna speciosa.

Kratom is a large deciduous tree which belongs to the Rubiaceae family and originates from South East Asia. Its leaves have long been used for medical purposes.

Kratom is a 100% natural entheogen that has been successfully used for thousands years. It offers a great medical potential. The growing number of clinical studies point to the multiple health benefits of kratom. The positive influence of alkaloids, contained in kratom leaves, on neuro-muscular junctions has been well examined and proved. There is also evidence proving that kratom may be used to withdraw from opium addiction.

Kratom is a central nervous system stimulant, but at the same time it’s a soothing agent. It increases performance and endurance; it can be used for muscle pain and fatigue; and in traditional medicine, it can also be taken to treat diarrhea and to fight excessive weight.

There are many different types of kratom, one of the major varieties being Green Kratom.


The effects occur in 10 minutes after administration and last for a few hours.
Kratom is a unique plant as its lower doses work as a stimulant, while higher doses act as a relaxant – because the active alkaloids (mostly, mitragynine) provide both stimulating and relaxing effects; however, it depends on the dose (i.e. the blood levels of the substance) and on individual differences of users.

Stimulating Effect (5-10 g):

The dose of 5-10 grams gives a lot of physical energy, sometimes raising libido; normally makes it easier to perform monotonous physical work; increases sociability and friendliness. At the same time, some users find these effects negative, rather than positive.

Relaxing, sedative and pain-relieving effects (10-15 g):

The higher dose of 10-15 grams decreases sensitivity to physical and emotional pain; makes a user look calm and feel nice; can cause the pleasant state of dreaminess.

Possible side effects may include itchiness; increased sweatiness; and mild nausea.
The effects normally last for 3-5 hours. The higher the dose, the stronger the effects and the longer they last.