Kratom (Green Borneo) – 1oz (28.35g)

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Product Description

Kratom (Green Borneo) – 1oz (28.35g)

Borneo or Kalimantan is a huge island, situated right on the equator, in the South China Sea, between the Malay Peninsula and the Philippines. The island is split between three countries: Malaysia, Indonesia, and Brunei. This area is mostly famous for its exceptional nature: thick tropical jungle, rare species of animals and birds, and crystal clear sea. It is the island of the vast undisturbed forests, lofty mountains, caves, and unique flora and fauna.

Green Borneo 1oz (28.35g) Kratom is one of the strongest varieties of green kratom. Its action is dominated by the pronounced stimulating effect in the first phase, while in the second phase pain-relieving and relaxing effects occur. This variety helps against depression, apathy, and fatigue and increases performance capabilities and energy levels. It is one of the few green varieties which the fans of the red varieties find appealing.

Green Borneo Kratom is a perfect kratom variety, as it provides strong pain-relieving effect and offers a long and nice post-effect. It is also a unique variety of kratom as its effects are very individual in their action and ratio between stimulation and relaxation. Its taste is similar to other green kratoms: bitter with refreshing notes.

It is recommended to take Green Borneo Kratom in the morning or afternoon. The fastest method is to consume the powder with sour juice, water, or hot tea. Another fast and efficient method is to pour hot water over kratom powder, let it infuse for 20 minutes and then consume the liquid with the powder residue. If you keep the powder residue, it can be reused for infusion a few times more.

Some users prefer to combine kratom with regular black tea, green tea, mate, guarana, and yohimbe. Sugar or honey can be added to make kratom sweeter, while adding lemon or lime juice will reduce the bitterness of kratom.

Doses depending on the desired effect will be estimated at the following levels:
Mild effect – below 5 grams (80% of a tablespoon or less)
Moderate effect – over 5-8 grams (1 tablespoon)
Strong effect – over 7-8 grams (1.5 tablespoons or more)

It is essential to remember the following rules when using Green Borneo Kratom and other kratom varieties:

  • Do not take kratom more than once per day
  • Limit kratom use and take it once every other day or even once in a few days, as opposed to daily usage
  • Find the optimal dose – once you find the dose that makes you achieve the desired effects, it should not be increased any further
  • Do not keep using the same variety of product all the time, try to experiment with the kratom varieties from different regions and of different colors

Make sure you only use extracts occasionally, as they are normally stronger than regular kratom powders and may lead to tolerance