Kratom (Green Borneo) – 4oz (114g)

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Kratom (Green Borneo) – 4oz (114g) OUT OF STOCK

Borneo or Kalimantan is a huge island, situated right on the equator, in the South China Sea, between the Malay Peninsula and the Philippines. The island is split between three countries: Malaysia, Indonesia, and Brunei. This area is mostly famous for its exceptional nature: thick tropical jungle, rare species of animals and birds, and crystal clear sea. It is the island of the vast undisturbed forests, lofty mountains, caves, and unique flora and fauna.


Disclaimer: Kratom has not been approved by the FDA as a health supplement and as such is not intended for human consumption.  We sell Maeng Da Kratom powder as a bulk botanical and cannot provide any instructions for its use. Keep out of reach of children