Kratom Red Maeng Da – 4 oz (112g)

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Product Description

Kratom Premium Red Maeng Da – 4 oz (112 gm) $31.95

Certified Kratom supplies Premium Red Maeng Da Kratom, certified fresh, organic and tested safe to ensure no risk of bacterial contaminants such as salmonella and e-coli. Unlike most other online Kratom vendors, our company utilizes an on the ground inspection team in Indonesia to double inspect the kratom we buy from only the best Kratom suppliers. Our team checks each and every shipment for clean, fresh, high quality Kratom leaf powder. Multiple samples are taken and lab tested to ensure the absolute best quality. We stand by our products and will gladly refund in full any Kratom order that does not meet our customers’ complete satisfaction!


Red Maeng Da 4 oz (112g) Kratom is a brownish red kratom powder. Red Maeng Da 4oz (114g) Kratom grows 100% organically and is delivered from the very remote areas of Indonesia. Our Red Maeng Da Kratom comes sealed in a resealable stand up pouch.


Our Red Maeng Da contains no stems and is finely ground into a smooth brownish/red powder.


Disclaimer: Kratom has not been approved by the FDA as a health supplement and as such is not intended for human consumption.  We sell Red Maeng Da Kratom powder as a bulk botanical and cannot provide any instructions for its use. Keep out of reach of children