The culture of Kratom

The production, processing, and distribution of Kratom occupied an important place in the Thai culture until the authorities carried out a radical review of the rules for using Kratom.

About Kratom

Kratom is a tropical evergreen tree with incredible properties. The plant is characterized by oval-shaped leaves with a dark or light green color, growth up to 50 pounds in height. Kratom reached its greatest popularity in the 21st century. A particularly sharp increase in Kratom imports was observed in 2008, including such a variety as Maeng Da.


The modern culture of using Kratom for medicinal purposes has grown from the use by indigenous tribes of this plant in ethnic rituals and because of their incredible analgesic stimulating properties. Thus, the free enterprise received an interesting “additional product” for its market share, the effects of which are very similar to coffee.

The indigenous inhabitants of Southeast Asia for many centuries used Kratom for ritual or medicinal (for example, as antidiarrheal) purposes.

In 1943, the Thai government adopted the State Level Law, which provided total control over the market (import and export) and the right to plant this unusual plant. History is silent about how it was motivated, but there are many guesses: from Western intervention to competition.

Kratom Research

Many pharmaceutical companies and individual research groups from around the world have conducted their research on the composition and properties of Kratom. After all, any information is now very relevant, since in the modern century this plant is available for purchase thanks to the World Wide Web. Scientists, summing up, call Kratom a plant with a large number of useful properties, but emphasize that each organism can respond differently to a particular dosage. This also justifies the need for additional clinical studies to understand the behavioral activity and reactions of the brain to stimuli of nerve endings.

Kratom in the media

In the mass media, Kratom is often compared with unsafe means and additives that develop an addiction, but this is wrong. Kratom is a completely natural product that does not pose a hazard if used wisely. We believe that the reason for these prejudices is that the purchase of Kratom capsules is still new to the western globe. A comparison of Kratom with opiates, which makes the majority of the media, makes the consumer pessimistic.

Feedback Ban

As Thailand is a democratic country, the people of Thailand continue to give Kratom a central place in their culture, even though a number of harsh penalties have been imposed.

The government failed to contribute to the final reduction of the Mitragyna Speciosa trees, as the countryside remained strewn with them and Kratom remained within reach and is still used by the population.

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