The historical note about Kratom

The definition

The plant that a large number of people have recently started talking about is called Kratom. Ordinary consumers have always been actively interested in herbal medicines, and therefore it is not surprising that Kratom has come into fashion with its sought-after effects. We want to introduce you to a brief history and origin of this unique plant.

The origin

Scientists suggest that residents of Southeast Asia first used Kratom. The indigenous people of this region have long used these leaves to improve their physical condition, in particular, to increase the level of working capacity. If you chew the leaves of Kratom, then your appetite improves, it gives a boost of energy and vigor, increases sexual potency. Kratom is consumed in powder, smoking form and drunk tea from dried leaves. It is also used for medicinal purposes to reduce pain or as a poultice for open injuries and cuts.

Kratom as a substitute for opiates

The stimulating effect of Kratom is achieved by using it in small doses, to obtain the effects of opium it is necessary to use Kratom in a large dose. We also want to clarify that such effects are achieved solely due to the presence in Kratom leaves of a substance similar in structure to opium.

Such structural similarity allows Kratom to be used for good purposes, namely, in the treatment of drug addiction. This happens as a substitute for narcotic substances for the use of Kratom because it also acts on the receptors of the brain itself, binding and acting in a similar way.

Kratom, unlike opiates, has never been the cause of death or any consumer health problems when used in the traditional way.

This plant was first documented in the 19th century by the Dutch botanist and traveler Peter Willem Cortals. He described the process of using Kratom by the tribes as a substitute for opium when a narcotic substance was not available. At the same time, other researchers wrote that locals use Kratom to wean addicts from opium. From this, we can draw logical conclusions that this medicine helps and has been known to humanity for a very long time. Thus, even 2 centuries ago, Kratom was used to cancel the effects of drugs and often the deadly dependence of drug addicts.

After all the studies, the scientists explained what the effects of Kratom depend on. They isolated one active ingredient called Mitragynine, a complex alkaloid with much milder side effects than opioids.

In the community of Asian people, Kratom treats many diseases – from diarrhea to diabetes. He is given a central place in the cultures of many countries and is used at public meetings and festivals. Kratom is still used in many regions. The leading countries for the use of Kratom are Malaysia and Thailand.

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