The history and uses of Kratom


The unusual properties of the Kratom plant have long been known and are actively used in the regions of its origin, Kratom is also common in other countries of the world. In Asia, fresh leaves are usually chewed by hardworkers for additional energy. In other places, dried leaves are often brewed as tea or extracted with water, then it is evaporated into a resin that is suitable for use. Kratom is infrequent for smoking: this method gives some effect, but it is less noticeable in comparison with other methods of application.

The use of Kratom as tea has its own characteristics in action. The state in which a person stays after such a tea party is difficult to describe in words. You become less sensitive to mental and physical pain, feel calm and peaceful, enter a special dreamy state, incomparable with anything. They also note that the ability to feel music more subtly is enhanced, which is very appreciated by musicians, creative people, in this state new ideas are born, interesting creations are created, because there is inspiration and an inner desire to create. It should be said that this plant is widely used in meditation, psychological practices, various shamanistic rites. Under the influence of a craton, you will be pleased to lie down to dream in a darkened room, listening to your favorite music and feeling in a new way. It is very likely that you will enter an extraordinary state of drowsiness, half-reality, on the verge of sleep and reality. This feeling will be remembered for a long time.

Let’s take a closer look at the features of the plant itself called Kratom. This is a fairly rare tree from the madder family, which is most common in Thailand, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea. This unusual plant reaches a height of 50 feet, and the scatter of branches itself is sometimes more than 15 feet. The trunk itself is straight and slightly branching. Leaves of a dark green shade, smooth, glossy: ordinary, large (approximately 3-20 cm by 2-12 cm), are located crosswise and have stipules. Actually, stipules are pronounced, lanceolate. The sheet plate itself is leathery, obovate, elliptical, slightly fleecy below, with poorly pronounced tertiary veins, has a sharp tip and a round base with few secondary veins.

In the homeland of Kratom, many long-standing legends and mythological stories are known about him. For example, here is one of the oldest. In the old days there lived an unusual boy, whose name was Kratom. He lived in the very depths of the earth, but often got out into the outside world and walked, trying to hear, see and learn as much as possible. He told his mother about everything he saw and heard. Such interesting stories did not appeal to the twin sons of the Sun, they were unpleasantly surprised by the curiosity and knowledge of the boy. Once, having met Kratom on Earth, the twin gods asked him: “How do you live?” “I am very happy,” the boy replied and said that he could send people sleep, peace, tranquility, amazing visions. Hearing this, the twin gods decided that Kratom knows too much to visit this world, and therefore it is necessary to expel him from here for ever and ever. They immediately ordered that the inquisitive little boy fall into the ground forever. But then in the same place, an extraordinary tree sprouted, exactly the one whose leaves Kratom adorned the heads of people in order to give them peace and tranquility. In memory of this unique boy, the gods called the plant “Kratom.”

The story of how Kratom came to the rescue of a tired wanderer who could not overcome the path, crouched under the tree with his last strength to rest and tried to chew Kratom leaves in order to somehow quench his thirst, as a result, gained new strength and inner calm due to which I got to the intended target earlier than I expected. It is said that Kratom used the military before important fights in order to stimulate physical strength, discard all burdens and desperately rush into battle, without feeling pain and not suffering defeat. By the way, the facts say that the vast majority of such battles were crowned with victory for such a military. There are still a lot of interesting stories and facts related to this plant, and this suggests that Kratom is quite a popular tool that attracts with its miraculous abilities.

It is worthwhile to dwell on the use of Kratom in medicine. It has a high potential for use in terms of a cheaper and safer alternative to methadone: it facilitates withdrawal from morphine-like opiates, since Kratom contains opioid agonists. There is more recent information proving that mitraginin was used in New Zealand to treat methadone addiction.

According to this information, a person smoked Kratom every time he felt withdrawal symptoms; the optimal treatment period was 6 weeks. The patient spoke about vivid dreams.

In addition to being used as a psychoactive tree, Malay healers used Kratom to deworm, eliminate cough, improve blood circulation, increase tone and with symptoms of diabetes. Also, it is used for other ailments, such as enlarged spleen. Kratom gives an analgesic effect and promotes quick healing of wounds, it is used as a good remedy for fever and diarrhea.

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