The methods of administration and the general effects


The effects of Kratom are specific and have significant differences depending on a number of factors: the variety of Kratom, the place of its growth, the time of collection, the method of consumption and some individual characteristics of consumers, etc.

However, the most stable, predictable and striking effects are: stimulating, relaxation, analgesic effect, some antidepressant and general tonic effect.

As you know, in the western countries Kratom is available for the most part in the form of dried and powdered leaves of some varieties. This release form save all the active substances of the leaves, and also makes it possible to individually select the dosage in each individual case.

There are many ways to use dried leaves, but the most popular are:

Brewing leaves in the likeness of tea, often with the addition of lemon juice, etc. as well as honey or sugar in order to reduce the pronounced bitter taste of Kratom. It is also believed that lemon juice contributes to a more active extraction of active substances.

Take leaf powder inside. In this case, Kratom is often mixed with fresh applesauce, yogurt, etc. The leaves can simply be taken orally, washed down with some warm drink (tea, herbal infusion, etc.).

After ingestion, the effects of Kratom develop within 15-30 minutes, reach a peak in about an hour, last up to several hours at full strength, and then gradually subside.

It should be noted that the effects of Kratom in one way or another depend on the dosage used: it is believed that in small doses (5 – 10 g.) The plant acts as a stimulant, and in higher (from 15-20 g. To 30-50 g.) as an analgesic and relaxant. Such a statement has the right to exist, but there are many cases when, when using even high doses, some people experienced strong excitement and anxiety, and some who took a low dosage experienced a relaxing effect. Therefore, one should always remember the different individual reactions to Kratom, and not experiment with high dosages at the very beginning.

Small doses of Kratom in the vast majority of cases have a pronounced stimulating effect. Kratom quickly eliminates depression, apathy, fatigue and makes it easy to cope with a huge amount of work. Also, low and medium doses of Kratom are able to have an aphrodisiac effect, and therefore, are sometimes used by men in Thailand to prolong sexual intercourse.

Taking medium and high doses of Kratom (from 10g. to 20-50g.) gives a set of those effects, because of which the plant becomes so popular among both consumers and doctors. It should be noted right away that not everyone is able to take a high dosage of Kratom and “digest” it: this is due to both the unpleasant taste of ground leaves and some characteristic effects of severe intoxication, especially in the first hour, after which some negative sensations usually retreat.

Reception more than 15g. Kratom (one tablespoon or more) – leads to the development of very pronounced effects. In this case, there is a crossover of mu-opioid receptors and, in connection with this, the presence of a number of “opioid” effects.

In the first phase, which can last from 40 minutes. up to an hour, in the first phase, a person experiences a surge of strength, primarily physical, he improves his mood, he becomes mobile, talkative, and sexual hyperstimulation can take place. By passing the stimulating phase, the hedonic effect becomes more pronounced, the person becomes less susceptible to physical and emotional pain, motor and mental excitement are replaced by sedation and a sensation of “warm waves” in the body; during this period, many people want to lie down, or sit quietly alone.

Using Kratom with known caution and wisely, the consumer can successfully use this drug for various purposes with minimal risks for himself.

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