The six facts, that everyone should know about Kratom

six facts

As a user of Kratom, at one point you may find that your loved ones do not know anything about Kratom and do not understand what it is. Check out the answers to the most common questions that we have prepared for you! After conducting a survey among the subscribers of our page on the Instagram social network, we found that even experienced Kratom users would find it difficult to answer the following questions. If you managed to do this without our help, let us know in Direct!

  1. What is Kratom?

Kratom is ground powder from the dried leaves of the plant Mitragyna speciose (one family with coffee), whose trees are common in the tropical jungle of Southeast Asia. Historically, the properties of Kratom have been known for a long time by the indigenous inhabitants of Asia – workers to improve working ability and reduce pain during long working days. Nowadays, modern people use Kratom for an invigorating and calming effect, so people struggle with pain, chronic fatigue and everyday stress.

  1. Where is Kratom distributed?

In the past 10 years, several Asian countries such as Thailand, Sumatra, Borneo and Malaysia have sharply reduced their plantations due to the ban on the production of Kratom at the legislative level.

But in some regions Kratom is still sprouting naturally. The plantations of Kratom, banned since 1943 in Thailand, and later in Malaysia, have become much smaller over the years.

Due to the ban, island Indonesia became the leader in the production and distribution of Kratom.

  1. Is Kratom legal?

The laws of the country in which you live determine the legality of Kratom. A striking example is the United States of America, where the legislative framework of each state is different from each other. In the following regions, Kratom is legal for sale between the ages of 18-21:

  • USA (states: Arizona, Nevada, Utah)
  • Israel
  • Australia
  • Poland
  • Lithuania
  • Romania
  • South Korea
  1. Does Kratom affect the human psyche?

The alkaloids contained in the leaves of the Kratom plant can improve your well-being – remove pain, fill with energy or make you relax. The same effect on the body has coffee, which contains caffeine; hemp that contains cannabinoids.

  1. What form of Kratom affects the body more?

Ancient residents and plantation workers in Asia consumed fresh plant leaves that had the highest levels of alkaloids.

In the modern world, the best form for you is the most convenient for your use. We produce Kratom powder from the best raw materials – dried fresh leaves from trusted suppliers. Then Kratom is packaged and transformed into bags of dry powder or capsules.

  1. How can Kratom be useful?

Some people buy Kratom for a good pastime, but most of the users are people with health problems who are looking for effective remedies to deal with chronic pain. Kratom also helps to cheer up people with troubled sleep or lack of sleep. The sedative properties of Kratom are popular among those who are subject to constant stress at work.

When it is dosed, Kratom can improve a person’s life, bring a little good mood and energy on a normal weekday.

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