The storage conditions Kratom

Kratom is a powder that made from the dried leaves of a Kratom tree. Plantations of this tropical evergreen are common in Asia, especially on the islands of Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, and Malaysia.

Kratom consumers who live in the rest of the world use dried and powdered leaves. They dried completely before use.

Why Kratom leaves dried before use?

The scientists have proven that the presence of moisture is a direct factor in the formation of mold and fungi. To avoid the appearance of mold, it is sufficient to dry carefully the leaves of Kratom during processing.

It is not enough to dry Kratom during processing; to preserve all its effects, Kratom must be stored in a dry, non-ventilated place. But this is not one condition that you must adhere to when storing your Kratom at home.

We want to give you some recommendations and tips that should be follow when storing Kratom at home.

The darkness is Kratom’s friend

Ultraviolet light helps some substances break down into separate substances other than those that were originally. This contributes to the fact that the substance loses its activity and becomes unsuitable for consumption, and in some cases even dangerous.

Therefore, we can confidently tell you that storing kratom in the area illuminated by the sun will reduce its effectiveness and shelf life.

Prepare airtight containers for storing Kratom

No matter what kind of Kratom you purchased for use, whether it be Malaysian Maeng Da or green Borneo, they should be stored in a dry vacuum. Scientists have proven that the presence of air also leads to spoilage of substances such as tea and coffee.

Have you ever noticed how shops sell coffee? Each serving of coffee packaged in a kind of “vacuum bricks”, because this ensures the maximum shelf life of such a final product as coffee.

Therefore, we advise you to use a vacuum bag for storing food, to be sure that the air does not get inside.

We also do not recommend storing Kratom in a place that exposed to heat.

Most often, most of us store our spices in the kitchen above the stove. This makes cooking convenient, but at the same time, their shelf life guaranteed to reduce by at least half that of their counterparts, which are stored in a dry, dark, cool place.

We advise you to place it after buying in a place that is not exposed to high temperature and humidity.

Dark cabinets that are not exposed to light, drawers and the like are all the main places to keep Kratom at home without risking mold, mildew or other undesirable results.