The use of Kratom in medicine:


Back in the 20th century, English scientists discovered the high potential of Kratom for use as a natural, safe and effective alternative to such a substance as methadone. Methadone is a chemical that is used to alleviate the symptoms of dependence on morphines and opiates, as it itself has similar properties and affects the same receptors.

New studies by scientists prove that the use of mitraginin (an alkaloid contained in Kratom) has tremendous success in the industry of curing addicted people from ANY narcotic substances. The experiments consisted in the fact that the patient used Kratom every time with sensations of withdrawal syndrome; the total experimental treatment period lasted an average of one and a half months.

Researchers at the National Institute of Thai Traditional Medicine have found that Kratom’s properties do not end with drug dependence treatment – Kratom can be used by patients with mental disorders (disorders, depression, anxiety, paranoia).

In folk medicine, Kratom is a means for deworming, normalizing blood pressure, improving the general tone and symptoms of diabetes. Additionally, Kratom has an analgesic effect, and its active components help the wounds to heal quickly (fresh Kratom leaves are crushed and applied to wounds).

The plant is unique in its kind, because when you use a small dose, you usually get a stimulating effect, and the use of large doses helps to relax. Thus, the alkaloids in the composition (primarily mitraginin) have a double effect – both a stimulating and sedative effect.

To obtain the effect of a stimulant, it is enough to use 5-10 g of Kratom.

There is a surge of physical energy, in some – and sexual. Increased ability to work and stamina. A person becomes more fun, more sociable and talkative. Increases focus and attention.

A relaxing and analgesic effect is achieved with 10-15 g of Kratom.

Effects begin to appear on average 10 minutes after taking Kratom – pleasant light waves of relaxation, run through the whole body. After half an hour, euphoria sets in, and an unprecedented lightness is felt in the body. Any pain sensations fade into the background. Such sensations last about 2 hours; then weaker – for another 2 hours.

Kratom’s alkaloids excite opioid receptors, at the same time, the effects uncharacteristic for opiates are: a change in vision (color perception is brighter), unobtrusive hallucinations, a sense of unity with nature, euphoria sometimes occur. The plant activates the hidden reserves of our body and mind, encouraging us to work; gives a feeling of invincibility.

Studies by scientists have shown that Kratom should not be used with stimulants (caffeine, cocaine, amphetamine) because of the risk of over-stimulation of heart muscle contractions and an increase in blood pressure in the body. Also, it cannot be combined with antidepressants, large quantities of alcohol, opiates) due to possible respiratory problems.

There will be no health problems if you use Kratom correctly and not every day.

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