The war for Kratom

In the 21st century, in connection with the strengthening of the position of Kratom, many organizations emerged that began to engage in educational activities – they inform about beneficial properties of Kratom, and also train those who are victims of lies and misinformation. Such organizations are on guard and fighting for the legality of Kratom, they also support and disseminate the positive experience of other users of Kratom.

The Kratom Association in the USA

The Kratom Association in the United States was founded to fight for the rights of users to freely consume this natural product and protect this valuable natural resource. This organization on an ongoing basis invites humanity to familiarize itself with useful articles, relevant news, and the latest research results. The organization makes such information available to people – it can be easily found on the official website. On the pages of the website there is a lot of various information and a refutation of the opinions of skeptics, legislators, and regulators about Kratom.

The organization tasks

We believe in the importance of the personal experience of each consumer, and we ensure that every opinion and success story is heard.

In addition to the informative function, the organization performs the legislative – participates in legislative actions and in the adoption of decrees regarding Kratom. The American Association invites ordinary citizens to participate in its activities through donations and directly by telephone when receiving feedback on their work and complaints of infringement of their rights. For example, when voting by authorities for banning Kratom in a particular state, representatives of the association bombard these institutions with requests for cancellation of the decree. It is because of the coordinated actions of organizations involved in this matter that many of these bills are not even considered, leaving Kratom safe.

The battle in Florida

In 2015, a riot broke out in Florida in Kratom society due to the introduction of a bill banning the use of Kratom. This decree added Kratom to the “List 1”, that is, awarded him the title of a controlled substance without medicinal properties. In this time the legislators who passed this sentence began to receive multiple emails and phone calls, sending requests for the cancellation and exclusion of Kratom from this list. This draft law went through various instances but stopped at the stage of approval by the Criminal Justice Committee of the Florida Senate in early 2017. This bill has not been adopted thanks to the timely intervention of the Association and its activists. Kratom consumers in Florida are still happy, but there is still a risk of passing a law.

Battle of New Hampshire

In 2016, a New Hampshire Senate bill was passed that included a ban on the distribution, use, and storage of Kratom. Society and in particular, associations made a fuss in the media, speaking out against the law, as a result of which numerous amendments were made to clauses on age and social status. That is, it was possible to ensure that the use, distribution, and storage of any varieties of Kratom were illegal only under the age of 18. It was a real triumph for all experienced consumers who are used to buying Kratom online.

Long road ahead

We have given only a few examples of how public opinion can affect individual government officials. This proves that if you get together with like-minded people, then proving your case is not a difficult task.

Fortunately, the number of Kratom supporters around the world is only growing, this allows us to quickly respond to such cases of restriction of human rights. It also helps to make these issues public and to provide the necessary resistance to the opinion of the legislature.

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