Useful properties and methods of using Kratom powder

Powder Kratom is taken exclusively inside, it is not intended for smoking. Below, we will tell you about several cooking methods and techniques for kratom.

The easiest to use and therefore the most popular method to use is the Cast and Fill method. According to this method, you take a teaspoon of Kratom powder and tip it in your mouth, drink a small amount of water and thus all the powder along with water enters the stomach. This method can cause you to vomit because of the bitterness that leaves behind a powder, but it is quite effective and the result is worth it.

Some lovers have come up with a brewing powder like tea. Although it takes quite a lot of time, you will definitely like the taste. To brew it, you take some powder and throw it into the water, then the solution should be brought to 100 degrees and maintain this temperature for 20-30 minutes. Then you need to strain everything and dilute honey in the resulting and cooled liquid to mask the bitter taste. Very tasty and useful to take this drink in a cooled state.

Also, the powder is sold in capsules. It is very convenient and simple, because you do not need to worry about what you can not guess the dosage and spoil some of the powder. Such capsules can be found and ordered in different dosages. To select the optimal dosage, it is better to consult with our consultants. By taking Kratom in this way you will not feel its unpleasant taste and nothing will spoil your mood.

Another popular and tasty method of receiving powder is a mix of fruit yogurt and kratom. If you use sweet yogurt, then the bitterness of Kratom will not be noticeable at all.

Time and dose

It is ideal to take Kratom on an empty stomach, thus increasing the effect of admission due to the high level of absorption in the stomach wall. The effect is proportional to the opposite, if there is food in the stomach, so Kratom is more slowly absorbed into the blood.

The best time for acceptance is recognized – an hour or half an hour before meals and 3-4 hours after meals once a day. For the best effect, choose a suitable time for yourself and take Kratom regularly.

Sweet juices help get rid of the bitter aftertaste of the powder and absorb all the beneficial substances.

You cannot start taking Kratom with high doses. Be patient to achieve the best result.

The course of the powder should be started with 2-3 grams of powder (not more) three times a week.

If there is no result in the first hour, you can repeat the dose.

Be careful, because the side effect of an overdose is nausea and vomiting.

If the feeling of tension does not leave you, then increase the dose or make the daily dose daily. But remember that the more often and more the dose, the faster your body will get used and stop responding to Kratom, the effect will be zero. Be patient.