What are entheogens?

What are entheogens?

According to Wikipedia, entheogen is a plant or fungus, the use of which leads to a change in the psychological and physical state of a person. For example, the plant is considered to be an entheogen – Kratom , the leaves of which have been used for centuries to improve performance, emotional state and alleviate pain.

We know a fairly large number of plants that can be considered entheogens – some of them are more popular, others less. Popular entheogens are different types of tea, from classic black and green, to exotic aged puers and ethnic mattes, for example. Very popular coffee is also a kind of entheogen – we drink it for vigor. But everyone loves chocolate – cocoa beans are also an entheogen!

And here are more exotic entheogens that are known to a smaller circle of consumers, but this does not prevent them from having properties that are much stronger or more interesting than the popular coffee, cocoa and tea mentioned above, this is > kratom, leuzea, guarana, ginko biloba, cola nut, tribulus , Guayusa, Sagan Daili, Yohimbe, Tongkat Ali … This list can be continued for a long time and each plant has its own merit to humanity.

Why are entheogens needed?

As mentioned above, entheogens in one way or another affect the mental and / or physical condition of a person. For example, millions of people in the world do not represent the beginning of their day without a cup of coffee – it invigorates, allows you to wake up, enters into a working state. Another, less well-known entheogen is kratom that will ease the pain, help you cope with the hard work or training in the gym, improve your mood and ease the depression …

Each entheogen has special properties that, with rational use of the drug, help a person to better reveal their abilities. This is stupid to neglect. Again, everything is within reasonable limits – even coffee, tea and chocolate should not be abused

Use of entheogens

Each entheogen has its own rules and methods of use. We recommend that you carefully study them before taking this or that drug. And most importantly, always remember that in small quantities the medicine, then poison in large quantities! This rule applies to everything in our lives. After all, even from the water, 80% of which we are, you can die by drinking it very much at once! Remember this.

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