What is Kratom: features and application of a useful plant

What is Kratom: features and application of a useful plant

Often you already know where to buy Kratom, and how to use, but when you visit another resource, it turns out that information is often contradictory. Therefore, we believe that it is necessary to clarify. Consider the peculiarities of the impact of kratom on the body and how to use it.

Mitragyna speciosa – a large tree native to Southeast Asia; species of the Mitragin family of the Marenov family (Rubiaceae)

At Home

In Indonesia and Thailand, Malaysia and Papua New Guinea were popularly chewed kratom to maintain good mood and muscle tone. Especially for heavy physical work in a difficult tropical climate. Today, in Malaysia, in the form of a decoction, which is sold near roadside cafes and street eateries – it relieves fatigue and quenches thirst.

Kratom is absolutely legal in the USA. In the US, you can buy – dried and finely ground shoots of high-grade plants grown and harvested in Indonesia.

Individual effect

Many people do not drink tea in the evening, because then do not fall asleep, or vice versa – those who cause drowsiness. Surprisingly, such familiar products act in the opposite direction. Kratom is still a delicate product, manifesting itself in different ways, depending on the dosage you choose. The minimum amount of kratom has a stimulating, invigorating effect, which is akin to the effect of coffee, but much brighter and richer, both in terms of increasing vigor and giving strength, and also, if necessary, for a long time without sleep.

Features of the body.

Kratom ons opioid delta and mu receptors, but also can cause euphoria, a sense of oneness with nature. However, it would be wrong to call the effect of well-being, euphoria being called kratom as kratom effects are not a drug, but rather hedonistic, characterized as the vitality and sense of well being. The plant causes the body and mind to work and learn; It gives a feeling of complete well-being.