What is Kratom? Tea properties abd Kratom Dosage

What is Kratom? Tea properties abd Kratom Dosage

The types of legal substances and their diversity are constantly changing in various markets, from various natural, previously unknown plants in everyday life, to various new chemicals, which can be bought at a nearby pharmacy or on the Internet, new substances, drugs and ways … The old ones are forbidden, and sometimes they simply lose their consumer, they are replaced by new means, the prevalence of which directly depends on their power of action, consequences for the body that consumes them and Some other factors, such as, for example, the method of use, the duration of the narcotic effect, the presence or absence of criminal liability for sales or storage.

In the wake of the popularity of various varieties of tea, called Kratom, reached us. In 2018, the agency of the US Department of Health and Human Services (FDA) even ranked this tea as opioid, but it is not on the lists of narcotic substances in our country, so it is quite possible to purchase it.

The available means of changing consciousness always generate interest, which ultimately generates demand. The demand for this or that substance directly depends on its popularity among a certain group of individuals who want to “shake up”, but not breaking the law. Anyway, a reasonable user of surfactants (psychoactive substances) should always try, if not avoid, then reduce possible risks, and in this case the Internet helps a lot.

There fore information is always worth checking, preferably not on its own experience, but through the competent use of search engines, reading forums and other various thematic resources. Also, do not forget that substances that can somehow alleviate opioid withdrawal (withdrawal syndrome from such drugs as heroin, tramal and others), or minimize the consequences of using various stimulants (the so-called “care”) are also considered by experienced consumers. It is these properties and has kratom, which is able to partially alleviate the abolition of other drugs.

What is Kratom?

Although for us kratom is something new, but its leaves have been quite successfully brewed by Asians already not for the first hundred years … Kratom is a large tree from Southeast Asia. This tree mainly grows in Thailand and Malaysia, is also found on the islands of Indonesia, the Philippines, and is cultivated on the Indochina Peninsula in Vietnam. It is used mainly in the form of tea, but there are also tablets and capsules that are made from crushed leaves of the tree.

Tea properties

The properties of kratom are known for a long time, its leaves in the form of a decoction are used mainly as an anesthetic or tonic. Dutch botanist Peter Kortals described the properties of kratom as far back as the 19th century. The candidate for the main active ingredient in this plant is mitragynine, although many other alkaloids are also present in the plant. In large quantities, kratom has a pronounced sedative-analgesic effect, which is achieved through the effect of the substances contained in tea on human opioid receptors. For example, this tea can only partially help a methadonist or geoinist, while at the same time it will almost completely relieve the withdrawal syndrome of weaker opioids, such as tramadol or codeine.


Tea of 1-3 grams of the plant has a stimulating effect that is similar to the effect of caffeine, but without such side effects as, for example, rapid heartbeat. A decoction of 10 grams and more begins to cause effects similar to the effects of substances from the opioid group, which allows using kratom as an anesthetic that can be obtained without a doctor’s prescription. In Asia, this tea is quite popular among cancer patients, who sometimes prefer it to opiates prescribed by doctors.