What is kratom: the effect, how to take kratom, reviews

What is kratom: the effect, how to take kratom, reviews

Despite the fact that Kratom has been known for a very long time, all its useful and healing properties have not been thoroughly investigated yet. But those that are known to us are simply stunning by their complex effects on the human body.

Kratom is widely used in medicine. This is a cheaper and harmless alternative to methadone. It eases the withdrawal syndrome from morphine and similar opiates. Most scientists say that kratom is effective in treating alcohol and drug addiction, depression.

Other medicinal properties of kratom

  • Reduces blood pressure;
  • Improves blood circulation;
  • Increases metabolism;
  • Suppresses anxiety, stress, depression;
  • Controls blood sugar levels;
  • Pain relief;
  • Improves immunity;
  • Promotes wound healing;
  • Improves mood.

Kratom consumption

As you remember, kratom leaves are used in different ways: fresh – chew, sucking the juice, make teas, decoctions, tinctures from dry tea, add to food or simply wash it down with water or coffee.

Kratom tea goes well with black or herbal teas, often with lemon and honey.

It is strictly forbidden to combine the use of Kratom with stimulants and antidepressants, large doses of caffeine and alcohol.

Kratom Effects

When using Kratom, sedative and stimulating effects occur. There is a theory that when used in small doses, Kratom manifests itself as a stimulant, at large – as a relaxant. But some customers claim the opposite. Most likely, this is due to the individual sensitivity and tolerability of the product.

The stimulating effect (3-7 g) is manifested in an increase in physical, and often sexual energy, active communication, friendliness, increased attention, an incentive to work and learn.

Sedative effect (8-15 grams) is associated with sedation, satisfaction, euphoria, light hallucinations, a person loses control and commits rash actions.

One or another effect occurs within a few minutes after application, and about 3-4 hours is felt at full strength, after that it weakens a little.

Side effects

If you use Kratom wisely – then you will not find any side effects. But with prolonged use, as well as, use in large doses, there is dry mouth, nausea, and sometimes even vomiting, drowsiness, dizziness, chronic rhinitis, constipation, apathy, and even paranoia.

Kratom Reviews

On the Internet you can find forums where participants actively discuss the actions of various entheogens. Based on these reviews, people who have tried Kratom are pleased with its result, which once again confirms its effectiveness.

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