What to mix with kratom and how to drink

What to mix with kratom and how to drink

Kratom can be consumed in different ways, as a medicine or as a dietary supplement. We will focus on the most common and easiest ways that are most popular.

The classic and most recommended method is the use of kratom as a tea drink. You take the right amount of kratom, put it in a cup, then add lemon juice, so that the kratom powder is all wetted with juice. From tea to a tablespoon of juice, depending on the amount of tea brewed. Leave for some time, from two minutes to several, and then pour hot water over and leave to infuse for 15 minutes to an hour or several, if you are preparing your tea, from evening to morning. In this case, you will get the most sustained infusion and you just need to strain the infusion through gauze folded several times, and preferably through a good moisture-absorbing cloth (cotton, silk). From the most comfortable and handy materials, you can use washed from wet napkin, preferably 3-4, folded together. If you’re ready to drink beverage produced at once, you can have a drink with the tea leaves, stir before drinking tea.

Also, kratom can be brewed with tea, black or green, herbal teas, as well as popular fast way, which is stirring kratom in orange juice. Citrus juices, lemon, orange, grapefruit, and cherry are most suitable for this method, since vitamin C and an acidic environment, most well activate the beneficial properties of kratom.

You can also use kratom, adding it to the mousse, porridge, smoothies. Frequent among US users, where kratom is incredibly popular is the way to «Toss and Wash», which is simply to use kratom as a dry substance using a teaspoon and drink it down with juice or other beverage.

As a result, we add that each of the above methods has its advantages and is worthy of testing, depending on the wishes and convenience of the situation.